About Us

SAFINA Amina Foundation for sustainable development in Africa

Our Founder’s Story in her own words:

I was born into extreme poverty in a small village in Samburu, Kenya. I attended a basic missionary school but I was made to work an early age by distant relatives. I went through the experience of being abused by the very ones who were supposed to be there to support and protect me during my childhood. I escaped when I was 14 years old and fled to Kibera in Nairobi which is the largest slum in Africa. Life was extremely difficult, but eventually I managed to find my way to Europe. In the 16 years since, while working various entrepreneurial jobs in Europe, I have been consistently sending funds from my own earnings back to Kenya to pay for the education of many children. I am proud to say, some of them have already graduated from Universities!

I believe we are here on this earth to support and serve each other and would now like to fully dedicate my life to the children who are now experiencing many of the same situations as I had during my childhood. This is my passion in life and this is the reason why I created Safina Amina Foundation.

We were able to purchase a 7 Acre peace of land in Ukunda near Diani Beach in Kenya. Our vision is to open a sustainable eco village where the children will have a wholesome home and actively participate in different kind of workshops according to their interests. They will be able to choose from studying activities like
Carpentry, Greenhouse farming, Mechanics, Computer Science, Graphic Arts and many other practical life skills.

My mission is to give these joyful and creative children the fundamental human opportunity to have a wholesome and happy future.


The Safina Amina Foundation:

SAFINA Amina Foundation is a new International Institution working primarily with women and children for humanitarian education in support of small community development in Eastern Africa.

The foundation will be based on a model that generates active participation via self-organizing groups in different communities. In that way, we will be able to benefit by learning from the experiences of others on the same path towards the common goal of maintaining sustainable community life.


Set up orphan residence shelters in rural village areas with to goal of setting up a healthful conditions for empowering the children to integrate and contribute socially, culturally and economically.


  • Working with people with disabilities
  • Child protection, empowerment and nurturance
  • Tutoring and educational support for abandoned children
  • Supporting localized Fair-trade initiatives around childhood health and proper care issues

Where we work

The focus will be on small communities in east Africa. The first projects will take place in Ukunda, Diani Beach Kenya. The second project in Zanzibar, Tanzania.


Building the initial residence facility for the children and volunteers followed by organizing different workshops to support the development in each local village. Giving impact to the whole community. Creating jobs, producing products and selling them to run activities for the community.

Topic of the workshops

  • Informal life skills
  • Energy, installing small energy saving devices
  • Locating and installing small clean water wells
  • Tree planting, Moringa production, and other environmental projects
  • Small Greenhouse farming for food independence
  • Carpentry and Basic construction
  • Automobile repair and maintenance
  • Basic computer and technology skills
  • Different arts: sewing, painting, dance and music


Small and optimized overhead.
80% of the turnover of SAFINA Amina foundation will go to the field work and 20% can be used for administration and fundraising activities.
Active use and coordination of ‘western’ volunteer workers.

Amina centers will double as trusted small community gathering places. In the future, the children in SAFINA
Amina communities could market hand-made craft products from their workshops while also sharing and
directly communicate with donors.

Safina Amina’s main educational principle:

“It is more worthwhile to teach someone to do something than to do it for them, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”


Children and parents

Safina school program is designed to meet each child as it is and respect and recognize the diverse needs of ages, genders and individuals. Schools should also respect the freedom of choice and different children’s interest and foster a broader way to the success of all.


Safina school program is intended to promote the positive, joy and love are the dominant forces in the communications staff as well as in all dealings with children and parents and others involved.


Safina school program is intended to create a community within each school where harmony, simplicity and transparency are dominating the agenda, environment and equipment and rules are visible and tangible. This gives children understandable and manageable environment for their age, maturity and ability.


Safina school program is designed to offer a simple game materials and teaching materials where creativity and imagination are central to diverse experiences of each child. Thus, creates a self-reliant people own learning and game world with their own solutions and realities related projects are at the forefront.


Safina school program is designed to teach children to perceive and enjoy the natural environment and respect nature with efficiency, frugality, moderation and with care and recycling.


Safina school program is designed to train discipline and behavior in a positive and friendly but also a certain and straightforward manner. With precision and predictability will tame willingness way to safety and freedom for all the calm and peace within the school community and later responsible participation in a democratic society.